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Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC) in Ridge Meadows

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Do you want to communicate better with your partner?

Many people assume that a successful relationship is something that happens by itself.

Perhaps you have the idea that some people just click, and that the more effort one has to put into their relationship, the less likely the partnership is to work.

I will help you learn to communicate with your partner, even if you don't know where to begin.

A few words about

Andrea McGeorge

I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC) who is passionate about helping others heal through connection. To facilitate the healing journey, we must first feel safe enough to let someone see us in our vulnerability. Through empathy, radical acceptance, and experiential exercises, I help clients shift their old beliefs, reframe them and make space for creating new ones.

After working in a construction career for over 25 years I took the plunge and went back to school with a commitment to my personal mental health and helping others by becoming a registered therapist and counsellor. I completed my Professional Counsellor Diploma, Addictions Worker Certificate and continue to attend trainings to further develop my skill and knowledge. I am licensed with Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (ACCT).



Has to Offer

Individual/Youth Counselling

I am committed to help you take self-care to a deeper level. No matter the struggle you are dealing with...

Couples/Family Therapy

I use effective interventions from an Attachment framework to get to the heart of your problems...

What Clients are Saying

A few weeks ago, I found myself in a situation where I was totally blindsided by an event with a person who is so dear to me. My anxiety was at an all time high. I hadn’t slept and my mind was spinning. I reached out to Andrea in regard to this. Not only was she empathetic but her knowledge and professionalism quickly had me understanding the situation I was in, and it did not mean the relationship had to be over. Andrea’s compassion (which is really what I needed for me calm down and to listen) plus her guidance helped me understand the issues and how they could be dealt with while continuing this relationship that is so important to me. Andrea also offered information that I could look at for a better understanding if I chose. This too helped so much. I decided that I needed to educate myself and have made great progress in mending the relationship. I can not thank Andrea enough for her compassion, empathy, and guidance. The comfort I felt while discussing this with her has definitely made me feel more confident with reaching out for support. I highly recommend Andrea! You won’t be disappointed.


Genuine and most intuitive mental health professional that has ever crossed my path not only personally but professionally. That’s Andrea! Counselling services are an integral part of my world of practicing what I preach as someone who works in the grief and loss continuum with the unemployed.

Family history of addiction and suicide also ensure me “risks” exist so self care must prevail. Sessions with Andrea are always “on mark” there are times I think she is a mind reader! Her ability to provide keen insight engages me with motivation beyond my own expectations to do the work. After all, we know when we are not doing the work don’t we?! Thank you for choosing this career Andrea – you are gifted.

Heather F.

We started couples counselling with Andrea to address some roadblocks we were experiencing in our marriage. She was immediately validating for both of us, which is something we hadn’t experienced with our previous marriage counsellor. Andrea paid close attention to what each of us had to say and she was great at turning us towards each other to explain our perspectives instead of just to her. We have made a lot of progress in the 2 months we’ve been seeing Andrea and have learned many skills that are easy to put into practice.

C & R

Andrea is absolutely amazing. I'm not someone that is comfortable at all with counselling. I'm not into talking about my feelings or hanging all my trauma out there to be interpreted. Just so happens you can’t run from it. A friend recommended Andrea to me several times before I finally caved and gave her a try. I sure am glad I did. She’s helping me change my life. She’s helping me find the tools that is right for me to use so I can change my life. She is full of light, warmth, and love. She goes above and beyond trying to make you feel comfortable, she validates the things I feel, allows me the time to feel comfortable, and helps me process my trauma in a way that doesn’t make me fragile, but makes me feel empowered. She is absolutely amazing.